Water Restoration
You've just arrived home from a wonderful vacation to find water draining from the ceiling! OR—The recent wave of t-storms killed power to your area and your sump pump quit working! OR—The sewer system backed up during a recent rain and your waste (and your neighbor's) is now at the foot of the basement steps! Unfortunate events like these can strike at anytime.

Water damage to your home or business is a serious event that shouldn't be handled by inexperienced, untrained or ill-equipped companies. A beautifully finished dwelling flooded by clean water can rapidly deteriorate into a very unhealthy environment if emergency procedures are delayed.

Quick response to your loss will prevent secondary damage (damage from elevated humidity) and also reduce the potential for mold growth. In addition, quick response reduces remediation costs and hastens the return of your home or business to its pre-loss condition.

Often, the source of the water will need to be determined. Whether it is a ruptured water pipe, sewer backup, or other problem, certified technicians will determine the cause, and decide on the appropriate water damage restoration strategy. Also, we will ensure that all necessary safety measures are in place to protect your family, or everyone at your business.

In order to be properly remediated, each incident involving water damage requires an experienced professional to assess the situation; design a water damage restoration strategy; design a mold remediation strategy (if needed); and execute these strategies to the customer’s satisfaction.

Controlling the water damage, and removing any remaining water will be done as quickly as possible. All wet items, such as furniture and other possessions will be removed from the affected area.

Tri County Cleaning Systems is a leading expert in water damage restoration. We understand the value of fast response, good customer communication and effective procedures to reduce costs and speed results. Whether the water damage is covered under your property insurance or you're paying out of pocket, we will draw upon our vast experience completing thousands of water damage restoration projects in Central Illinois to best resolve your situation.We have a great track record of being able to restore furniture, carpets, drapes, and other belongings. However, it is important to call Tri County Cleaning as soon as possible after noticing water damage.

Tri County Cleaning's Water Damage Services Include:
  • Emergency Response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Specialized water extraction, drying and dehumidification equipment.
  • Complete structural cleaning, deodorization and sanitizing.
  • Packing contents out/in, cleaning and climate-controlled storage for larger projects.
  • Mold containment and remediation services.
  • Project managers with certification and ongoing educational training.
  • Trained and uniformed employees—no subcontractors.
  • Complete rebuild/repair recommendations.
There is a definite difference in the results of water damage restoration when you work with Tri County Cleaning, as opposed to other companies.
  • We use the latest methods and equipment to ensure the best outcome for customer.
  • Our technicians are experienced and certified.
  • Our personalized service and communication with our customers sets us apart.
Steps for Water Damage Restoration
  1. Before We Arrive
    • Have everyone, including pets, leave the affected area
    • If there is a plumbing leak, shut off the supply valve
    • Turn the off electric power to wet areas to avoid electrocution
    • Set furniture legs on a piece of aluminum foil
    • Lift drapes and bedding materials off the floor
    • Call your insurance company
  2. Inspection
    We begin our water damage restoration process with a thorough inspection. Even if the source of the water is found, moisture can still remain hidden in places that you would not expect: under flooring; within walls; inside cabinets and bookcases; and other locations.

    We have several different methods to detect leaks, and can work with plumbers or other professionals to stop water from continuing to enter your premises.

    Finding all areas affected by moisture is the first step of dealing with flooding or water damage.

  3. Pack-Out and Storage Services for Furniture and Possessions
    No water damage restoration program is complete without protecting and treating your furniture and possession. We will make a thorough inventory of the furniture and possessions in the affected area, and remove those that need to be treated or protected from damage.

    We have complete storage and treatment capabilities in our Groveland, Illinois facility. After removing moisture from your furniture, we will clean and treat them, preventing mold contamination. Then they can be stored in our climate-controlled facility until you are ready to put them back into place.

  4. Water Extraction
    First, Tri County Cleaning will pump out any pooled or excess water. Then we will use professional water extraction equipment to remove moisture from your flooring and property. Our equipment is more powerful than do-it-yourself methods that may be available to you, which reduces drying time, and reduces the possibility of mold growth and contamination. By extracting water quickly, we can also reduce the need for water damage restoration and repairs for building structures, and other areas.

  5. Building Structure Dry-Out
    Drying the structure of the building , such as sub-flooring and walls may be a necessary part of water damage restoration. In order to prevent damage and mold infestation, we use both dehumidifiers and high power blowers to dry out the structure of your home or business as soon as possible.

    We follow up with frequent moisture testing, to continually monitor the process, making sure it is fast and effective.

  6. Mold Removal and Prevention
    To make sure that mold contamination and odors don’t become a problem, we may use a non-toxic moldicide treatment on floors, walls, or other areas. This will also prevent problems from starting soon after the water damage.

    We may also use ozone generators to deodorize an area affected by water damage. Ozone generators are also non-toxic.

  7. Water Damage Restoration and Reconstruction
    The final stage of water damage restoration can include carpet cleaning to demolition of walls and other structural parts of a building, and reconstruction.

    We handle the carpet cleaning and cleaning of flooring and structural elements. We also provide complete recommendations on the demolition and reconstruction of parts of your home or office, as part of our service.

Contact Tri County Cleaning for an initial inspection at no obligation.

If you've experienced a water loss at your home or business, call Tri County Cleaning Systems.
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