Mold Remediation
With the amount of rainfall and moisture in the Peoria area, mold can become a common problem - both for homes, and for offices and commercial buildings. The certified professionals at Tri County Cleaning handle mold removal and mold remediation on a daily basis. By being experts at both water damage restoration and mold removal, we can provide complete, professional service for any situation involving water damage. Water damage that has not been properly handled can lead to a costly mold removal problem later on.

Mold can create serious health hazards, and mold removal should be undertaken only be professionals certified in mold remediation and abatement. Whether your mold removal and water damage restoration needs are complex or simple, Tri County Cleaning is a full-service mold removal and mold remediation company. With a certified staff, and reasonable pricing, we pride ourselves on the ability to solve your mold and water damage problems quickly and effectively.

Mold growth occurs when certain conditions exist. These conditions include:
  1. Moisture: A relative humidity of 50% or higher.
  2. Water Leaks: A leaky pipe, or a roof leak, an open window etc.
  3. Flooding: Excess water entering the building from rainfall, or a burst pipe.
  4. The Right Temperature: Most mold species grow in temperatures ranging from 59º to 95º F, although there are molds which will grow at almost freezing. Freezing mold does not kill mold spores or mold colonie, they become dormant waiting for warm temperatures and access to moisture to grow again.
  5. Food Sources: Mold will feed on wood, paper, cotton, cardboard, fabrics and leather. Drywall with its paper coating on both sides offers ideal food for mold spores. Mold also grows in moist carpet.
  6. Time: Mold growth can occur in 24-48 hours after a water damage incident, or it may take as long as 10 days, depending on the conditions.
  7. Stagnant Air: Insufficient ventilation contributes to moisture buildup.
Tri County Cleaning's Remediation Process Includes:
  • Infrared camera and moisture-sensing equipment to locate hidden moisture sources
  • Identifying mold source locations and evaluating active growth vs. spore deposition
  • Preparing a scope of work that details job procedures, recommendations and costs
  • Setting up containment to eliminate mold spore deposition to non-affected areas
  • Physical removal of mold growth from structural components and non-porous contents
  • Drying services to remove excess moisture from structural components and contents
  • HEPA filtration vacuums and negative air machines/scrubbers to capture airborne particulates
  • If necessary, secure off-site storage for contaminated contents and furniture to determine which existing items can be brought back to pre-loss condition with cleaning and deodorization or need to be replaced due to excessive damage.
First, we use state-of-the-art equipment to inspect for both mold and moisture. We will access both the source and extent of water damage and mold infestation. In addition to visual inspections, air samples from the area will be taken for analysis. This will indicate the extent and locations of the mold colonies.

Then, we dry the building itself with high power blowers, special vacuums, and anti-microbials to kill the mold contamination. We will remove your furniture and belongings, not only to clean them, but also store and protect them in our climate-controlled facility.

Detail is essential when it comes to mold removal, as mold spores can hide for quite some time before the colonies are visible. Many times water damage problems, such as leaks, broken water pipes, or flooding can be dealt with, but mold becomes evident much later. At that point it is too late, and mold contamination has occurred.

Our team is experienced in finding and detecting mold contamination, even when it is not visible. Preventing major and more costly mold outbreaks is our focus, soon after a water leak or flooding is discovered. Mold can hide deep into a home’s floors, walls and even its framing. We not only detect it all, but remove it all.

In addition, if any moisture is missed in the first response to a water leak or flooding, mold can appear a short time later. We also use specialized equipment to detect hidden sources of moisture that can lead to future mold contamination.

In addition to professional, certified mold removal services, we also clean carpets, floor coverings, furniture and other belongings to eradicate the mold, and prevent it from returning. Also, we provide a complete report for your contractor to perform any necessary painting, flooring, plumbing or electrical work to get your property back into great condition.

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Tri County Cleaning Systems always concentrates on being thorough, complete, and cost efficient.
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